Our goal is to exceed the expectation of clients {beneficiaries} and to help them achieve their plans and aspirations by providing relevant up to date information and referral services on government , economic opportunities, community  resources, and  to general life issues. We conduct timeous follow-up on all referrals to ensure that clients need are attended to and their quality of life improved.

How the program Works

The Information and Referral Assistant is the first point of contact for clients visiting Believers Care Society.  Friendly advisory personnel will do an initial assessment of the client’s needs, determine the service needed and provide information to the client in order to meet their needs. A case file is opened for the client containing an assistance plan or a development plan. Client is then assisted based on the tailor-made content of his development/assistance plan, there is no one size fits all system.

Information may be provided from a wealth of resources to include:

  • Resource Library which contains comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on available community resources, educational text books, journals and other reference materials.
  • Resource shelf that contains brochures and pamphlets of government and economic opportunities/ services
  • Maps and directions to other facilities and communities.
  • Telephone calls made on behalf of client in order to solicit information or services.
  • Client advocacy in the event of problems with a service or client inability to effectively represent themselves.
  • Index of public, private, and volunteer agencies and organizations.
  • Referrals to other agencies or resources.
  • Community book desk with daily newspapers and use of local phone books.

Other services provided

  • Provide calendar of events for upcoming classes and events.
  • Career guidance
  • Schedule clients for course registration assessment.
  • Public computers with Internet and printer capabilities
  • Receive faxes for clients
  • Copy machine
  • Public telephone for toll free number

Referring a client

Before referring a beneficiary / client to other service providers, a telephonic communication is made to identify the contact person from the provider’s side. A Detailed referral letter will be prepared to accompany the beneficiary. Subsequent follow up is conducted to know outcome of the referral. Continuous support is given to the beneficiary until need are met, where applicable.

An online assistance

On-line assistance- we provide clients who are not able to visit our offices with online information assistance and referral. This will result in saving of transport cost which can be used for other important purpose. If you require an on-line assistance please send an E-mail to, use the live chat, and use our social media platforms.

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