To create an environment of growth, opportunity and reward to young raw talent through recreational and social activities


  • Positive and Productive use of leisure time
  • Physical fitness
  • talent development
  • Social cohesion
  • Team work skills
  • Group problem solving skills

Youth club activities

  • Drama – performs drama/ acting
  • Music – Sing, Dance and learn musical instruments
  • Graphics and artistic designs using computer technology
  • Poetry and Literature- book reviews, writing skills and poetry sessions
  • Fashion design- learning how to sew
  • Beauty and Fashioning- clothes combination and make-ups artistry
  • Food and diet- learning how to cook and to render hospitality services
  • Aerobics – Have sessions of Aerobics
  • Cross countries- jogging sports
  • Sculpture and ceramics arts
  • DJ-ing- sound engineering
  • Youth imbizo

How it works

Anyone participating in any programme of Believers Care Society automatically becomes a member of the youth club. Club activities hold every Wednesday between 12pm to 2pm. Participation is compulsory for all youth in the skills development programme. Once one is completed their studies or programme within the organization, they automatically exit the youth club with a certificate of youth club membership and leadership paricipation


Lux Fiat is a latin word translated “Let there be light” Lux-fiat youth club is a specialized talent development project of Believers Care Society. It was founded in December 2011.  The whole objective is to help the youth discover their natural gift and talent so as to develop it, make it a career and use it for livelihood. Many young people lead their life outside of their strength meaning that they choose careers and jobs that is not in their natural ability, passion, personality and does not live at their best potential. This may lead to inner feeling of emptiness and unfulfilled life. Members of the club are trained to rediscover their self, to understand personal life purpose, universal purpose and to develop a life mission plan towards achieving this purpose, using their identified gifts and talents. Talent development training may last between 3 – 6 months, and 12 months if on special projects.

Membership –

  • Must be youth between 16-25 years, 25-38 years accepted under a special condition
  • Demonstrate commitment to improving skills in their chosen field
  • Shows a genuine interest in pursuing a career
  • Demonstrate respect for peers, staff, and equipment available at the Club
  • Responsible, hard working and committed
  • Willing to obey the club rules and regulations.
  • Willing to attend events and outings {indemnity must be signed}
  • Good health condition.


  • One must register to enroll on Lux-fiat youth club project
  • Registration is on-going throughout the year.
  • For more information on Lux-fiat project please contact our head office at Turffontein 0n +27-11-434-1894

Support needed-

Many of our youth club members will be registered to a formal school at the end of the one year cycle for them to gain advance skills and knowledge in the field and also have formal qualification that would make them gain decent employment in the industry or start own work. We invite you to sponsor a youth or the club project.


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