Our community Outreach and awareness services promotes the wellbeing of community members which includes the youth and their families through creating awareness on the dangers and repercussions of anti-social behavior’s whilst using the same platform to instill moral values and positive life attitude.  The Outreach programmes seeks to identify and reach out to people who are affected by the social vices and those facing socio-economic challenges, through provision of immediate temporal relief and planned permanent solution.

How the program Works

The programme seeks to develop young people who are Social changemakers and equips them with the skills they need to be more self-reflective, humble, resilient, and culturally sensitive.

Believers Care Society believes that Biblical Righteousness is the highest standard of moral wellbeing and therefore trains its youth to resolving social and life issues using Biblical principles and solutions. This is evident in the quality of character and faith that one attains by been a participant in its programmes.

List of social services{Clients are referred to professional assistance of social workers and Law enforcement agencies where need arises}

Substance abuse awareness campaigns – we create awareness and provide support and treatment referrals.

Teenage pregnancy– we provide reproductive health and preventive education, while strengthening abstinence as the best solution.

Abused, Raped, Violence and Violated we provide support, advice and referral to medical help.

Community service– we provide platforms for the youth to initiate, conduct and participate in community services and Volunteerism within communities.

Lonely and Suicidal– We have shoulders you can lean on, Ears to listen and help for you.

Youth camping– we conduct recreational outings that promotes Self- discovery and personal development.

Moral instruction sessions

Moral instruction class is a structure of Believers Care Society towards holistic youth development, it is compulsory for all beneficiaries to attend. Our moral instruction class is put in place to help one live and maintain a good moral lifestyle. We use biblical principles in discussion, teaching and finding solutions to major social and life issues that affects young people. Our Moral class outcomes are structured to help you discover and lead a purposeful fulfilled life.

Every Wednesdays from 11am to 12pm. {Open for general Public}

Relationship services

Intergenerational programme– bridges two diverse generations for common ground understanding and mutual respect.

Family enrichment workshop – Mediation and enrichment sessions to harness and strengthen inter-personal relationship between youth and their Parents.

Basic Need services

Shelter– Referral to shelter, Resources list and Information of Shelter services provider

Food bank– Provides food parcels when you run short and places you on economic participation programme.

Transport fare– For your important meetings and job interviews{transport fares only to registered beneficiary job seekers}

Thando to build relationship with police, social workers, etc. Have meeting on this services with all stake holders involved.

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