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We offer the following health promotion services at the centre;

HIV Counselling and Testing, Vital Signs Screening, Awareness Workshops, Treatment Referral, Treatment Adherence Support, Health Clubs in School, Home Visitation, Health Campaigns and Improve Community Health Literacy.

How the program Works

HIV Counselling and Testing

Through the assistance of trained and professional health promoters, we create a platform for community individuals to come through for voluntary (with exception to having a consent form signed) testing and counselling.

Vital Signs Screening

We offer a service wherein clinical measurements, specifically pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, blood pressure, Diabetes/sugar intake screening and BMI (Body Mass Index) that indicate the state of a patient’s essential body functions.

Awareness Workshops

The Centre holds Health Awareness workshops at least twice a month. These workshops are focused on raising awareness on health issues that are of great concern within our communities such as HIV/AIDS as well as TB. Although not only limited to the mentioned spectrum of focus, but other related health topics are discussed in the workshops.

Treatment Referral

Upon receiving HIV testing and counselling, in the case where an individual is found to be positive of status (of which this is assured to be confidential information), he/she is then referred to the local Clinic which the Centre works with, to receive treatment.

Treatment Adherence Support

Once an individual has been prescribed for treatment, he/she needs support from those in their surroundings.  This could either be a group of family members, friends or a support group from the local community. These groups are very crucial in helping the patient to adhere to their treatment as prescribed by the physician.

Health Clubs in School

The School health club is a vehicle that empowers pupils to play an active role in deciding and implementing issues related to their health when they are in school. The Club also affords the pupils the opportunity to become ‘Agents of Change’ who carry information home and translate into action healthy habits and in this way influence their sibling, parents and friends who might be out of school.

Home Visitation

We aim to visit homes of those individuals who are vulnerable to disease and are in great need of assistance but cannot or rather do not have the means to access medical advice or treatment.

Health Campaigns

Plan, coordinate and implement health campaigns as according to Department of Health Calendar Awareness Days.

Improve Community Health Literacy

Intensify social marketing of priority health programmes such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • TB Screening, HCT.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle on the 5 pillars practices on nutrition, physical activity, tobacco control and prevention of substance abuse (including alcohol and tobacco) and safer sexual practices.
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