Located at 118 High Street Turffontein Johannesburg South of region.F, provides services to the Youth through its projects on-

  • Information dissemination using advanced internet technology system.
  • Referrals and linkages to the government and other civil society’s services.
  • Career Guidance services and information.
  • The Job recruitment, placement and Job readiness programme,
  • Entrepreneurial training, mentorship and business registration.


Our communities are located in Ward .55 and 124, members of Southern suburb communities of Region. F Johannesburg, they includes;

  • Turffontein – ward 124
  • Bellavista – ward 55
  • Turf Club – ward 55
  • West Turffontein – ward 124
  • Southdale, – ward 124
  • Chrisville – ward 55
  • Booysens – ward 124
  • Booysens Reserve – ward 124
  • Lindbergh Park – ward 55
  • Haddon – ward 55
  • Forest Hill – ward 55
  • Kenilworth – ward 124
  • Robertsham – ward 55
  • Orphiton – ward 124
  • Reuven – ward 124
  • Rossettonvile- ward 124

The population of ward.124 is estimated at 43067 and Ward.55 is estimated at 31 842 {Census 2011}.

Johannesburg southern suburbs tend to be either solely industrial or solely residential, with most residents in the residential areas being long-term residents in well-established communities. The majority of houses in these formal settlements are included in one of Johannesburg’s lowest income brackets, with ward 55 and 124 among communities with the highest unemployment rate. The Annual average income of ward.124 and ward.55 is at 55,700{Rand}, 35% of these households are headed by women as the Head with Annual average income at 29,400 for ward.124 and 31% Women headed households for ward.55 with annual average income of 57,300{Rand}.

This area contains a collection of upper- and lower-income residential areas mixed with a number of older, heavier industrial nodes. From an industrial perspective there are limited new developments in these areas, but they are generally well located on the freeway system, with easy access to the M1, M2 and N1 highways.

The communities in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg have over the years become increasingly impoverished with all its side effects of domestic abuse, alcohol, crime, drugs, young female prostitution and Gangsterism. Exacerbated by the rising rate of unemployment and therefore decrease in and lack of income.  All these impact more on the quality of life, including the lack of facilities and opportunities.  The youth is strongly affected by this environment and even more so discouraged by the inability to find and/or make their own way, however much they try or desire or to.

PHONE: +27 11 434 4598 / +27 81 441 7758

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