Tax benefits to donors in terms of Section 18 A

Believers Care Society community development programme is a non-profit company and qualifies as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). This allows a tax benefit to Believers Care Society donors. BCS may issue Section 18A receipts for bona fide donations, which allows for donations of up to 10% of taxable income to be deducted from such income, as stated in the Act.

How to?

When your company makes a donation in cash or in kind towards our community development services. You can choose from range of our services to suit your funding criteria and social responsibility. We are able to start a new project in your nominated community on any of the below projects which we offer-

Donations that qualify for tax certificates are:

Financial contributions:

  • In cash
  • By cheque
  • By postal order
  • By direct deposit
  • By EFT
  • By a debit order or a credit card deduction

Donations in Kind:

Any gift of goods to Believers Care Society that causes a saving on the budget and can be taken into the books as income eg.:

  • Non-perishable foods
  • Consumable goods
  • Office equipment’s such as furniture, stationeries etc
  • New capital items such as TV’s, stoves, fridges etc.
  • Donations of Computer equipment such as printers, new/used computers, photocopiers etc.
  • Donation of building / Land properties

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